Festivals! Come adventure with Flavor Buddy Seasoning!

Follow the Ultraverse team as we bring Flavor Buddy seasoning packets to fairs and festivals over western Washington and Oregon.  Sprinkle some flavor today!



We love heading up to Packwood for the Flea Market.  The drive is very beautiful up into the mountains.  This year was our 2nd vending experience in Packwood.  We were very excited to see if consumers would enjoy the Ranch Buddy as much as they did the Onion Buddy last year.  They were both an equal hit!  We got to know some of our fellow vendors and are looking for to the next adventure in Packwood.  

Flavor Buddy Seasonings hand painted banner

Free sample station all ready

Sunset on the last day



We set up our booth for the first time at The Packwood Flea Market! Here are some candids from the weekend.  Thanks to all customers and to our neighboring vendors! We had a great time and can't wait for next year. 

Our Booth at The Packwood WA Flea Market